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Beautiful Handmade Kitten Collars and Harnesses for your precious kitten or cat!

Sally & Linda are the two ladies behind Pritty Kitty. Sally is owned by 5 gorgeous Tonkinese cats and had struggled to find collars that fitted her young kittens. Both ladies have an eye for making a beautiful piece and together with their making & sewing skills, Thus began the making of the beautiful products that you can see here today...

 All collars and cat jackets are completely handmade from scratch with the utmost care. The collars are designed as safety collars with the appropriate safety buckle. The jackets are made securely with velcro fastenings and with 5  incredibly agile Tonks to consider, Sally knows the importance of safety!

Sally and Linda are in regular contact with breeders and adapt their models according to any feedback.  They stock a wide range of designs, not all of which are featured here but if you are interested in purchasing one of these stunning collars or harnesses please do visit the facebook page below  where you can see some of the latest range. You can order either through facebook, via  a pm or by email or phone currently but they will soon be stocking up the etsy shop too so keep a look out.

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